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Haunted by visions and desperate to return to life before the Clockwork Killer, Amy and her best friend, Lian, seek refuge at NuLeaf, a rehabilitation camp for traumatized teens from across the world. Situated on an island that was once home to a beautiful and now dilapidated hotel, shrouded in mystery, NuLeaf holds secrets of its own. At the helm is Reta Maynard, a renowned yet controversial psychologist who harbors her own haunted past and closely guarded family secrets. As Amy develops an unexpected romantic connection with a fellow camper, the group finds themselves targeted by a killer determined to pick them off one by one and finish off what was started. Amy, Lian, and their dwindling friends must unravel the dark secrets that haunt the island and uncover the truth about Reta Maynard’s enigmatic history before they become the Killer’s final victims.

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DEVELOPMENT STAGE                  Draft screenplay / Casting